Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anti-Fall Wishlist

   As fall quickly approaches most stores are churning out new collections of boots, jackets, etc. Personally, I prefer to stay in denial of these new cooler weather collections for two reasons: 1) the constant 95 degree weather here definitely does not  accommodate them and 2) I just love the general laid-back vibe of summer in general and don't want it to end, haha. As a result I have compiled what I like to call my "Anti-Fall" Wishlist.

    I have been loving what Charlotte Russe has to offer lately in the skirt department. Bonus- they are discounted at this time of year!

    This beauty from Windsor store is also available in White, Black, Charcoal, and Burgundy. I think all the colors look great but have been especially drawn to powder blue clothing lately.

   These bright Steve Maddens are so pretty! Most of my heels are either black or nude so these would be a logical addition I think ;). 

   I love the Rebecca Minkoff Mini bags! This pastel one has been on my wishlist for awhile.

   Finally, I just saw this watch in Francesca's new arrivals section on their website and loved it. It is not summery at all, but it is quite unique. Plus, I really love travel and old looking maps. :)

xoxo, Katie



  1. Love the watch!! It's very unique and would complete a lot of outfits!! Have you ever looked at Olivia Burton watches? My brother got me one for Christmas and I love it!! Reminded me a bit of this one x

    1. No I haven't, I will have to check them out!